My Grandfather (Art Greenbank) operated draglines most of his life, mostly for the Bureau Of Reclamation. After retirement he built detailed models of some of his favorites. Nearly all materials were found at the dump or, in a pinch, yard sales. Some are motorized with rotation and bucket movements controlled by electric switches which he also made. The pulleys he made on the lathe and counterweights were poured with melted lead. I plan to add much better pictures when I get the chance to take them. These pictures are of a display at the 2009 Tulelake-Butte Valley Fair in Tulelake, California. You may notice that the name and logo of Artco Engineering was another one of Grandpas inventions!
Art Greenbank is on the left
Art in his Merrill shop
2009 Tulelake-Butte Valley Fair display

Grandpas Model Draglines

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