I get asked from time to time where the name "Artco" came from. My Grandfather loved all things electrical and mechanical, and would have been a great engineer if he had the chance, but he also loved draglines. After a long career with the Bureau of Reclamation and later the US Forest Service, he retired to the small farming community of Merrill, Oregon. Here he built a garage/shop from "pummy blocks" reclaimed from an old potato cellar and began building models of the machines he loved. He also created a company name and logo which I blatantly swiped but I dont think he would have minded at all. His name was Art, hence the name Artco. I hope to get better pictures of his models soon but you can see them here. Grandpa never bought anything new for his projects, although some materials were picked up at garage sales. Most everything he used was found, often at the dump, which back then had entire cars, appliances, and other rich sources of the motors, belts, hardware, and other parts he needed.
Coffee cup and tree burl with Arts logo carved in.
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The ARTCO Name