Anyone who has seen one of my PCB designs knows how much I love polymeric resettable fuses. When placed where the power lands on the board, they allow narrower power traces, enabling increased density without increased risk of trace failures and fires, but like any device they are not ideal and their characteristics must be considered when the board is designed.
Well, no worse than a "pico fuse" or similar device, but the fact is there is no way to tell when a trip has occurred without measuring the voltage across the leads (sometimes difficult and always risky), or my preferred method, the old finger probe. Feel all of the poly fuses with your fingers, I guarantee the tripped one(s) will be readily identified. Don't worry, they do not get hot enough to cause injury. I am pleased to announce that the Ideas and Inventions Department here at Artco Engineering has solved this problem, and the result  can be seen below for your viewing pleasure. Unfortunately, I have not found any fuse manufacturers to be theleast bit interested, but if anyone has any promotional ideas let me know!
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Resettable Polymeric Fuses