Engineering Background
Dan Greenbank, Owner/EE


Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering
Oregon Institute of Technology

Associate of Engineering in Computer Engineering Technology
Oregon Institute of Technology

2 years as an engineering technician
3 years as a test engineer
14 years as an employed electrical engineer
9 years as an independent electrical engineer with emphasis on PCBs


Designs are approached from the engineers perspective with schedule, cost, functionality, and reliability in mind.

We understand tight schedules and the need to make adjustments along the way.  Minor changes are seldom a problem and we will work with you on bigger changes to make the process as smooth as possible.

Minimal input is required.  We will assign routing and placement parameters for you if you wish (per your approval), or you may specify the design in detail.

No time for details?  We can help with circuit design, component specification, or any other aspect of the project.

Still wirewrapping or breadboarding? Basic PCB fabrications are now quite inexpensive thanks to panel sharing. Usually it is cheaper overall to build your prototypes on a PCB.

You may need low cost designs and prototypes quickly where detail is not critical. A rough sketch to finished PCB in as little as 2 days is possible, 5 days is routine for smaller throughhole designs.

No fabrication or assembly drawings are needed for throughhole boards.

We have many resources to make your project a success, including CAD design, metal fabrication, PCB fabrication and assembly, advanced autorouting, and cable/harness design. Let us turn your ideas into documented assemblies.
Students and Inventors
We offer special pricing for students!  You are probably not interested in drawings or fancy silkscreen graphics,  just a quick board for your project.  You may be surprised how affordable a real PCB can be!
Why Artco?
Your project encompasses more than connecting components per a schematic.  We understand the importance of:

Parts need to go together easily and quickly to keep your manufacturing costs down.  PCB silkscreens need to be as descriptive as possible to minimize confusion.  Cables and harnesses need to be well labeled.  Assemblies need to be clean and components well placed for accessibility during assembly and in the field.  We are experienced on the manufacturing floor, in the prototype lab, and at the customer site.
PCB copper and harness wiring must be properly sized for current, clearances must be proper for voltage.  Heat generating components, high speed data paths, and sensitive analog signals all need special consideration.  We understand the consequences of lack of attention to these and other criteria.
Failures are expensive, both as direct cost and customer perception.  We strive to create robust designs that adhere to IPC, SEMI, CE, and other standards of safety and reliability.
Your schedule is tight, as is your budget.  We will work with you to keep your project moving as quickly as possible. We use suppliers that deliver fast without sacrificing quality, and most assembly work is done here so we can maintain better control of the schedule.  We have multiple qualified resources available to provide parallel design activities, if necessary.
Since April 2003 Artco Engineering has served the Silicon Valley and elsewhere with custom designs as well as prototype PCBs and electromechanical assemblies.
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